Photocell – Twist to Lock

  • Automatic control of lighting in accordance with the ambient natural lighting level
  • Designed with electronic circuits with sensor of phototransistor
  • A surge arrester (MOV) is provided
  • Easy to test due to Quicker response to time-delay of 10 to 30 seconds
  • Wide voltage range for applications almost available for power supplies
  • Misoperation-proof due to a preset time-delay of 5 to 30 seconds during the night time


photocell twist to lock


photocell twist to lock
How to Install TWIST TO LOCK PHOTOCELL for LED Light as below:

  • Disconnect power
  • Wire the color coded receptacle according to the diagram below
  • Push the photocontroller on and twist it clockwise to lock it into the receptacle
  • Install the photocontroller with the Photocell facing the NORTH direction
  • Adjust the receptacle position if necessary

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