Led Shoebox

  • Aluminum die cast housing with efficient heat dissipation design
  • Powder coating black for housing: anti-aging, corrosion resistant, electrostatic and spray processing
  • High efficiency LED chips- Philips 3030 or Nichia 3030
  • PC lens designed for the road lighting, more efficient than traditional lamp
  • 4 mounting options (round poles, square poles, walls, brackets)
  • Built-in and replaceable waterproof LED driver

Wattage Type(s)

  • 150W
  • 300W
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shoebox led


shoebox led
Shoe Box/Parking Lot LED can be installed almost anywhere outdoors including:

  • Industrial and commercial applications
  • Parking lots and auto dealerships
  • High masts, apartments, and residential complexes
  • Shopping malls, sporting complexes and fields
  • Educational facilities
  • Streets, roadways, parks, and etc.

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