October 6, 2017

About Us

led lighting manufacturer

IGT Lighting was established with the express intent to bring superior quality, advanced LED lighting, green technology, with R & D capabilities to your customers. IGT is a continuation of its founder’s philosophy that by providing the best product and delivering excellent customer service we can build lasting relationships while optimizing our customers lighting needs. We are committed to providing competitive prices that will decrease energy consumption, and lower the cost of energy bills, and enhance the user’s quality of life.

IGT Lighting is building strong relations with diverse global industries. We strive to be effective, efficient, while delivering integrity in everything we do. We are excited to be in an industry where we can help cut energy consumption by 80%! Our environmental friendly, green technology is manufactured with no toxic chemicals and will outlast the unit it replaces five fold.

3755 Lincoln St. Suite B, Riverside CA 92503     [led lighting, IGT Lighting Inc]  888.325.3557

led lighting, IGT
led lighting, IGT
led lighting, IGT
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