Led Explosion Proof

  • Higher intensity of illumination with only 40% of power consumption compared to general Metal-Halide lamp
  • Improvement of workers'safety
  • Maintenance costs and life time: 30,000~50,000Hours
  • Temperature-Rising: 90~110°C (Low-temperature)
  • Uave:Above 0.5
  • Energy saving (60~70% power saving compared to HID lamps)
  • Re-striking time in less than 0.01 sec

Wattage Types

  • 15W
  • 25W
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explosion proof led light


EXPLOSION PROOF LED can be installed almost anywhere outdoors including:

  • chemical factory
  • mines
  • refinery factory
  • pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • food processing or storage
  • dusty construction sites
  • seaport
  • industrial/hazardous areas, etc.

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