Flat Panel Premium 2X2

  • Use imported light guide plate with good color uniformity
  • Better lighting and no yellow discoloration in five years
  • Private mold design,high-end atmosphere and free choice of baked enamel or oxidization for border treatment
  • High quality LED lamp bead and power supply for higher service life. Replace the traditional grille lamp panel
  • Widely used in office, shopping mall, hotel lighting
  • Easily replaced by embedded or hosting installation

Wattage Types

  • 40W


flat panel premium 2by2 led


flat panel premium 2by2 led
Premium Flat Panel 2X2 LED can be installed almost anywhere indoors including:

  • Art galleries
  • Homes and Hotels
  • Offices and schools
  • Museums
  • Markets or retail stores
  • Other commercial or industrial applications

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