Led Tube
8Ft T8 40W

  • 60%+ reduction in energy consumption
  • 50,000 hour life span, 5 year warranty
  • Wide color range in degrees of 5000 to 6000K
  • Vibration and impact resistance not containing glass
  • Instant illumination, no flicker, no annoying buzz
  • No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation, no Mercury
  • UL Certified qualifying them for local energy rebate programs

Wattage Types

  • 40W
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tube 8ft T8 led


tube 8ft T8 led
Tube 8FT T8 Ballast Compatible Direct LED can be installed almost anywhere indoors including:

  • Art galleries
  • Homes and Hotels
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Shopping malls
  • Markets or retail stores
  • Tunnels etc.

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